Terms and conditions

1. Characteristics of goods or services

Provision of services: Galleryhorse.com is a horse advertising portal for sale to connect horse buyers and sellers.

2. Identity of the company

GALLERY HORSE SL, with NIF B88142047, is registered in the Mercantile Register of Madrid, volume 37840, folio 160, General Section of Companies, sheet M-674002. Registered office and notification effect in C / Hermosilla nº 48, 1st right, 28001, Madrid. Email: info@galleryhorse.com

3. Operation

Access to some elements of the website, such as the user account or some interactive services, is protected by the connection parameters, that is, a username and password. These settings are personal to the user and must be confidential. The user is responsible for the resources entrusted to him in the context of the use of the website. Therefore, the user must not promote or adopt behavior contrary to Spanish law, including commercial and criminal matters. The user must guarantee compliance with the confidentiality of the information in his possession. It must guarantee compliance with the legislation at all times, which protects, in particular, intellectual property rights, the confidentiality of correspondence, personal data, the right to the image of people and the exposure of minors to harmful content. . It is recalled that users should never participate in any illegal activity or activity contrary to the law on the website. In general, photo albums and advertisements must not include any shocking images that reveal the nakedness of a person, sexual or pornographic, political or religious.

4. Buying and selling:

As an operations broker, Galleryhorse.com has no part in the agreements / operations performed on Galleryhorse.com. Galleryhorse S.L offers only technical means (digital market) in relation to trade. Therefore, Galleryhorse.com does not sell or supply the advertised horses and, therefore, has no legal obligation to apply to the sellers of these horses. Galleryhorse.com cannot be held responsible for the behavior of vendors or for horses offered on Galleryhorse.com, regardless of whether the seller is private or professional. Galleryhorse.com is not responsible for the quality, reliability or legitimacy of the horses adverted on Galleryhorse.com or for the valid descriptions of the horses.

The ad is designed by you and you are solely responsible for the content (but Galleryhorse.com reserves the right to edit your ad in accordance with the advertising rules of Galleryhorse.com). You can verify and evaluate the design of the advertisement. When you post ads on Galleryhorse.com, they are automatically saved to "My Ads" in "My galleryhorse" so you have a full view of the ads you have posted. Once you have approved the publication of your ad, you can immediately verify if your ad appears on the site. When you post an ad, your name, address, phone number and email address, if you have chosen to do so, are automatically displayed in your ad so that potential buyers can contact you. If you have chosen not to publish your data, buyers will contact you through our internal messaging When your ad is no longer relevant (for example, when the advertised horse is sold) you have the obligation to remove the ad.

5. Liability

Galleryhorse.com accepts no responsibility for the comments and content posted on the entire website. Therefore, the messages sent or received and the advertisements published are the sole responsibility of the person presenting said content. Galleryhorse.com is not responsible for any agreement between a buyer and a seller. Galleryhorse.com contains references (through links or banners) to third parties. Galleryhorse.com has no control over such sites and is not responsible for the content that these sites offer

6. Content

Each advertiser must ensure that they correctly describe and complete the product they offer. By posting an ad, the advertiser authorizes Galleryhorse.com to post the ad and information on its website. Advertisements on Galleryhorse.com that do not comply with publications authorized by Galleryhorse are prohibited. Galleryhorse reserves the right to reduce or change the text of the ads without having to give a reason. Galleryhorse also reserves the right to remove ads without giving a reason in the following cases:

  • Ads are placed in the wrong category.
  • The ad does not offer a horse / pony for sale.
  • The advertisement or price of the horse is incorrect or there is incomplete information.
  • The ad is already published in another class.
  • The content of the advertisement or announcement contains discriminatory comments, child pornography or incitement to illegal substances.
  • There is suspicion of theft on said horse / pony.
  • The advertisement directly promotes a company that did not pay for this service.
  • The advertisement is not intended for the direct sale of horses / pony / but to the promotion of the auction or sale of several horses

7. Priced (with taxes and fees)

See Rates published in the MENU bar

8. Payment and execution procedures**

Payment will be made by credit card, will be charged at the time of registration of the announcement, making the collections in the terms chosen in the contract and on the same date in which the first payment was made and the service will be effective from the time of payment. Payment through internet Any type of money transfer online to Galleryhorse.com is done through an SSL connection. This means that an encrypted connection is established between you and Galleryhorse.com so that, for example, the information on the credit card cannot be read or intercepted by others. An SSL connection is recognized by the fact that there is a locked padlock icon in the status bar of your browser. Galleryhorse.com has a collection agreement with REDSYS. This implies compliance with particularly high security demands at Galleryhorse.com. In order to obtain maximum security with respect to your credit card information, Galleryhorse.com does not store your information.

9. Free trial

  • 9.1. Your subscription to Galleryhorse.com can start with a free trial. The free trial period of your subscription lasts one month, or the period specified at the time of subscription, and its goal is to allow new subscribers, and some former subscribers, to try the service.
  • 9.2. Galleryhorse.com determines eligibility or duration requirements for free trials at its sole discretion and may limit eligibility to prevent abuse of same. Galleryhorse.com reserves the right to cancel the free trial and block your account if we determine that it does not meet the eligibility requirements.
  • 9.3. We will charge your monthly subscription fee in your Payment Method at the end of the free trial period unless you cancel your subscription before the end of that period. If you want to see the monthly subscription fee and the final date of your free trial period, visit our website and click on the "Billing information" link on the "Account" page.

10. Right to cancel operations through

Galleryhorse.com Galleryhorse.com works as an information mediator between the seller and the buyer. If you wish to cancel / claim the purchase of a horse purchased through Galleryhorse.com, you must contact the horse's real seller. The real seller is, therefore, the person who posted the ad with the horse on Galleryhorse.com.

11. Advertising rules

When you post an ad on Galleryhorse.com, we demand that your intentions be serious. You only have the right to publish horse ads on Galleryhorse.com that you own or for which you have permission from the owner to advertise. Each horse must be announced separately (several horses cannot be part of the same ad). An advertisement cannot be altered to describe another horse for sale. This means that a new ad must be published for each new horse.

12. The duration of the contract and the conditions of resolution

Periods of publication of 1 or 3 month ads. The contract will be renewed automatically for the same period contracted, unless the advertiser cancels his ad.

13. Procedure to address the complaints of consumers and users

You can contact us by postal communication to C / Hermosilla nº 48, 1º derecha, 28001, Madrid or Email: info@galleryhorse.com The electronic document of the contract will be recorded and each client will be able to access it, by means of a password and a user. The user can make the correction of any error entered, until the validation of the purchase. The electronic contracting procedure is carried out through the following phases:

  • Advertiser / user registration.
  • Information and acceptance of the general and specific contracting conditions.
  • Selection of the service options offered by GALLERYHORSE SL.
  • Validation of the purchase: once the selection of the service or services you wish to hire has been made, you must validate your request, which will indicate the services contracted, their price and general and specific contracting conditions.
  • Selection of means of payment.
  • Once the user has selected the payment system (payment by card), the user will be redirected automatically to the online payment system platforms (TPV) of the corresponding banking entities.
  • Confirmation of the contracting of the service: GALLERYHORSE SL, will send the client, to the email address communicated, within 24 hours from the moment of the actual realization of the payment of the contracting of the service by the client, an email which will be considered proof of contracting the service and where a summary of the contracting will be indicated.


This Legal Notice is governed in each and every one of its extremes by Spanish law. The parties will submit, as long as they do not have the consideration of consumers or users, to the jurisdiction and competence of the Courts and Tribunals of Bilbao. All rights reserved. Any copy, distribution and / or reproduction, total or partial, of the contents and / or website of GALLERYHORSE SL will require the prior written authorization of GALLERYHORSE SL. Last update: October 30, 2018

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